bookd.jpgNote to parents: usually homework will be due a week from the day it was assigned.

--> This symbol refers to homework that is currently assigned
Please note that the students are required to read in French for at least 15 minutes in French on a daily basis.

Extra help and homework days: Fridays at 12.30.

-->Devoirs: semaines du 14 au 28
-Art dramatique: Finaliser le scénario (Written script must be ready, we will have more time to practise).
-Univers Social: Lire M4, D2 et étudier les provinces du Canada (test le 29) et travailler le projet
-Lecture: Continuer la lecture du roman de classe
-Grammaire: Réviser le conditionnel: le ficher et les pp.67-pp.69 (test le 24)

Voici un petit site avec des jeux pour mieux connaitre les provinces:

Note to parents: Please see calendar page for dates tests and assignments were marked. Please see PowerPoint page to download PowerPoint presentations shown in class.